Women's community vegetable garden

Learning the know-how: community vegetable garden

Do Community (VE): Domenico Maffeo's and village chief Abdoulaye Ndoyediary's diary from Keur Bakar Dhieyte - January 2015.



The new “G.I.E. Takku Liggerey”, Keur Bakar's women’s cooperative vegetable garden has been fenced with barbed wire and a milkweed hedge to prevent cattle from crossing into the area. The weed also helps against ground erosion from wind.

With the arrival of the seeds of the Terra Madre farm (S. Maria di Sala-Venice), women have been able to start farming in the community garden. The women had already been trained at the beginning of year 2014 in a local field granted by the village chief. Then a collaboration started with nearby town of Jokko Sokone which taught them how to produce organic compost.

With the help of some sustainable tourists, women prepared seedbeds using the permaculture and agroecology techniques that had been taught to them. Among these techniques were: how to geneate humus with organic matter (vegetable waste, leftover food, manure, etc.), how to use Sokone Disposal Centre compost and Jokko Cooperative waste, what to do with peanut discard, how to use millet seeds and coal to generate rich seedbeds and how to create straw mulching to protect plants from sun rays.

The Peace Corp from the nearby village runs a training course on micro-gardening and macerated neem.

Information, work methods, and working hours have been mapped out to meet family commitments and other people's needs.

Participants have also shared meaningful experiences of alternative economies, Casamance's agroecology: medicinal plants permaculture garden of vocational Kafountine School, and AJC 's (Nous Sommes la Solution of Ziguinchor).


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