The members of the association have a wide variety of experiences in various fields of cooperation and development, public administration, education, associationism, unionism, research, planning, environment, finance, fair trade, and cultural exchanges.



Giovanni Spaliviero


A sociologist with extensive knowledge in the fields of economy, demographics and land use, Giovanni is an expert in governance and planning of regional decentralized human settlements.

He has long been working for government administrations and international cooperations and

has taught and researched at the graduate and postgraduate levels. He is also an expert in facilitating and monitoring European and international projects.


Françoise Bertinchamps


Belgian, with degrees in economics and social sciences, Françoise has had a long carreer in the agricultural sector, in regional and urban planning and in economic analysis of rural and urban development projects. She is also an expert and consultant of bilateral cooperation projects in Europe and Magreb, West Africa. For three years she has been an active partner of the Banca Popolare Etica (Ethic Bank for the People) and a member of the Ethic National Committee.


Federico De Filippi


With a degree in environmental science, Federico works on environmental protection and land develpment projects using the Logical Framework Approach. He is an expert in the formulation and implementation of separated waste collection as well as in the promotion of energy production from renewable resources. Experienced in participatory projects, he works towards inclusion while comparing developmental experiences. He has worked for governmental organizations on rural projects in Africa for many years.


Simone Libralato


With a degree and Ph.D in environmental sciences, Simone has been conducting scientific research for the past ten years on the effects of human activities on the natural marine eco-system (fishing, acquaculture, pollution, climate changes etc.) on behalf of national and international projects. He teaches at university level and at vocational schools.



Kareem Majaed


Kalem graduated from IUAV University (Venice) with a degree in architecture and a Ph.D in urban planning, specializing in spacial planning as applied to developing countries. She has worked for 10 years for public admnistrations and has taught GIS (Geographic Information System) for uban planning.

Presently she is researching federalism and local planning.