MUSOCO is a non profit organization (ONLUS), our goals are: MUtuality, SOlidarity and COoperation and the aim is to promote both communication among people as well as sustainable development in Italy and abroad.


MUSOCO proposes to implement humanitarian initiatives at national and international levels. It aims at improving quality of life of the underprivileged, especially of young people. Our activities

  • Social care and health care;
  • Meetings and exchanges between cultures and languages;
  • Training, study and research;
  • Protection and enhancement of environment;

The Organization's goals are based on the principles of equal opportunity and respect of people's inviolable rights.

Our activities are carried out in partnership, we favour sharing knowledge and responsibility based on clear and transparent agreements. This helps us to grow and to improve the realization of our projects.

The Association is based in Venice and is composed of members of different nationalities who live throughout Italy and abroad.

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